My Purpose

       I believe God has blessed me with one of the best possible lives for the sole purpose of showing everyone that its possible to achieve your dreams if you work on yourself and be generous, courteous, and kind to anyone and everyone you meet. My goal is to help you achieve the level of personal happiness and freedom you deserve by showing you how I enjoy life and discussing topics I think are essential to achieving success. God has been good to me and now I want to share the blessings he's given me with the world!

My Story

Im 16 years old and have been blessed to be able to travel around the world, witness the building of a business empire, develop deep relationships with my family, and develop my personal self to enjoy life to the fullest. My mom, a business savy personal role model, has shown me the world inside out and taught me that anything in life is possible if you just pray and put in the work. My dad, a family driven man that works hard every day of his life, has taught me the importance of giving up what you are for other people and the importance of family. The qualities my parents have gifted to me shape who I am today and what I believe in. Staying humble and generous, I approach life with positivity every single day and dream of the impossible!