Start With Why

Setting a goal is the easy part. Its easy for you to dream up all these cool things you want to accomplish, but the hard part is staying dedicated to accomplishing that goal. The only way to find motivation day in and day out is to have a why greater than whatever tribulations you might face.

“The reason behind why you do what you do is the fundamental piece that creates everything else.”

A why can be defined as why you’re doing what you’re doing. What pushes you to wake up every morning and commit to that workout, or study your ass off? The way to create a strong why is to not make it about you. For instance, Ray Lewis, a legendary NFL defensive back, in his Ted Talk, “Pain creates greatness” talked about the reason he started playing football. His mother was in a terrible relationship where she was beaten to a bloody pulp almost nightly and worked two jobs to barely make ends meet. Ray never wanted to see his mother beaten by another man again so he put blood, sweat, and tears into his body at the age of ten so he would never have to see his mother beaten again in his life. He’s quoted as saying, “Football was just a bi-product of my dedication, I did it for my mama.”. Make it not about you, make it about helping someone else, whether that be your family, God, your friends, or just everyone in general. When it gets tough your why will push you through the pain and allow you to do more than you ever believed you could.

My mom, a multi-million dollar business owner and best selling book author, started with why she was doing what she was doing. At a young age she was diagnosed with arthritis and was told she would never be able to cheer or play sports, but she persisted and was on the cheer squad at Auburn university. Her arthritis coupled with a hip replacement in her mid 30s crippled her to the point where she could barely function as a normal human being. She toughed it out, recovered, and discovered a product that gets rid of cellulite, but also helps in the recovery process. Her why from this point on was that her mission in this life is too empower older women to take care of their bodies and not be ashamed of what they really look like. With no money, three kids, and a dream she spent seven years of her life trying to launch her company with the reasoning of changing the world for the better. When the times got tough and money was short, my mom knew that no matter what she was going to make it, no matter what her why would push her through the tribulations. Working her ass off, she molded a business model that was revolutionary and propelled her to economic status.

The reason behind why you do what you do is the fundamental piece that creates everything else. Any motivation, organization, socialization, or production that comes of setting and going after a goal is solely dependent on your why. The importance of a strong why is that it forces you to dig deeper and give more than you ever thought you could because you’re doing it for a reason more important than the temporary pain, distress, and crisis. It is so important that you create a why before you even think about achieving your goal. This is why 98% of people who go after their dreams end up faltering and only 2% really achieve a high level of success. This law of almost 99 to 1 separates the strong from the weak. Not weakness in the physical sense, but the weakness of not having mental toughness and a reason to put in the work.

Recap: Make it not about you, having a strong why= ability to push through trails, if you want to be the 2% that achieves a high level of success start with your why. Thank you for reading comment below what your why is for achieving a goal of yours or how this blog has helped you in some way! Adios.

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